When A Marble Is Dropped Into A Beaker

When a marble is dropped into a beaker of water it sinks, why are all these wrong explanations?


-the surface area of the marble is not large enough to be held up by the surface tension of the water

-the mass of the marble is greater than that of the water

-the force from dropping the marble breaks the surface tension of the water
-the marble has a greater mass and volume then the water


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Surface tension can hold up objects that are heavier than water, but only up to a point.  A marble is so heavy that, in order to float it via surface tension, you would have to roll it out into a very large, very thin sheet. So choices 1 and 3 don't really make sense here; surface tension forces are way too small to have much effect on a marble.

Choice 2, comparing the mass of the marble and that of the water, does not make sense...

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