When Madame Schachter's hallucinations come true, this is an example of which literary device? This is from the end of chapter 2.

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After months of mental duress not knowing what the future holds for them, the Jews of Sighet are finally loaded onto a train headed for the infamous concentration camp at Auschwitz. The train ride is virtually unbearable, with standing room only and very little ventilation. On board the train is Madame Schachter with her young son. She has been separated from her husband and older sons who accidentally boarded an earlier train. She is mentally going to pieces and crying out about seeing fire: "Look! Look at it! Fire! A terrible fire! Mercy! Oh, that fire!" Several times she erupts in cries about the fire and, in a case of foreshadowing , the Jews are greeted by "flames" and the "smell of burning flesh" when they...

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