When Kristine first appears in Act I to when Dr. Rank appears, what are your impressions/differences between Nora and Kristine? only what you think of the two or the differences between them

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The first obvious difference is in mannerisms. Kristine is subdued, calm, very demur. Her dress and her behavior are designed not to stand out, but to blend in, to be unoffensive. Nora is bubbly, colorfully dressed, full of high energy. Kristine is a listener, and although in a tough situation, having suffered great personal loss recently, she defers to Nora and listens with empathy as Nora rambles on about Torvald and the "trick" she played. Nora in turn talks right over Krsitine, flippantly disregards Kristine's feelings, and focuses on herself. Finally is their attitude and understanding of the world. Nora is woefully ignornant, and talks of her act of fraud and it was a clever game. Nora does not understand the way society will react, does not understand that she has put her family's reputation at stake. Kristine understands society too well, having suffered at the hands of it, and is fearful of what Nora has done.

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