When kit sees nat at the wharf why is he mockingĀ and angry??when kit sees nat at the wharf why is he mocking and angry?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Nat really likes Kit, but he does not let it show. Like many males, they have difficulty in expressing interest in a female, so they may be playful, irritating,or ignore the girl. Nat has heard rumors about Kit being engaged to William. William is building a house for the woman he will propose to, and the house is magnificent. The supplies are being brought to Wethersfield by boat, usually Nat's. Between the rumors and the evidence of the housing supplies, Nat has come to the conclusion that Kit is marrying William, a proper young Puritan. Kit has made no such promise but has not said no either. Nat and Kit are much more suited because of their nature. Neither is a Puritan, nor do they follow Puritan customs unless required to. Their common interest in Hannah, the Quaker woman, and Prudence has linked the two together. However, neither of them has let on to the other that they are interested. Either shyness or a feeling of unworthiness has kept the two apart.

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