When John Proctor arrives at the court with Mary Warren, what does Reverend Parris accuse him of? its in the third act of the book

Expert Answers
Jamie Wheeler eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Parris accuses Proctor of being in league with the devil. After the incident with "the bird," Mary, pointing at Proctor yells, "You're the Devil's man!" Parris eagerly responds, "Praise God!" He wants a gadfly like Proctor out of the picture as quckly as possible.

Parris, after heated exchanges with Mary, Proctor, Danforth refuses to back down. Danforth orders Proctor to jail and to his credit, Hale has finally had enough: "I denounce these procedings!" he cries. But denouncement is not enough for Proctor. He needs a man of action to stop the horrific accusations. He does not let Hale off the hook. Insted, he tells him, "You are pullng Heaven down and raising up a whore!"