When Jesus comes to Danie'ls home in The Bronze Bow, what does he understand about Daniel without having to say anything?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Jesus comes to Daniel's home, Daniel knows that somehow, the holy man understands everything about him. When Jesus looks at him,

there is no need to speak. Jesus (knows). He under(stands) about Leah. He (knows) that Daniel (has) rejected him. His eyes, searching and full of pity, (look) deep into the boy's and (see) the bitterness and hatred and the betrayed hopes and the loneliness. And then he smile(s).

Consumed by his hatred of the Romans, a hatred that has festered since that occupying army caused the death of his parents and the withdrawal of his sister Leah, Daniel has cruelly berated his fragile sibling because she has befriended a Roman soldier. As a result of his action, Leah has regressed, and is at the point of death, leaving Daniel alone with his hatred and tormented by guilt. Daniel has been drawn to Jesus, but his hatred is stronger than his faith. Frustrated that Jesus and his message of love does not mesh with Daniel's belief that the Messiah will lead a conquering army to rid Israel of the hated Romans, Daniel has rejected Jesus, yet still, Jesus comes to his house in his moment of greatest need. Jesus understands Daniel's struggle, and the pain and betrayal that underlies the hatred that eats at his soul. Jesus also knows of Daniel's longing for him, and despite everything, with infinite love, invites him to follow him, and to find the peace which his soul so desperately seeks (Chapter 24).