When infected by hepatitis B virus and experiencing symptoms of vomiting, fever, nausea, what is the HBV doing? It is also part of a stage of the virus cycle

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The virus is in some stage of interfering with the process of homeostasis, which could generally be defined as the condition of good health as a result of all body organ systems working together for the common good of the organism.  Viruses tend to kill the host cells they invade, so some type of degeneration is occuring within the body.  Hepatitis B is a virus that is destructive towards the liver, so liver cells are being killed and damaged.  The liver is also being interrupted in the function it does for the body, which is to metabolize substances that would otherwise be toxic and put them into forms that the body can process by excretion.  The virus is transmitted by body fluid or blood contact, so the blood of individuals with HBV is highly infectious.  There is no known cure, and severe cases can result in liver cancer, which can lead to death.  Treatment is available, and individuals diagnosed with HBV should follow a physician's care instructions carefully.

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