In Animal Farm, once the humans have been chased from the farm, what do the animals do?

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In George Orwell's Animal Farm, once the humans have been driven from the farm the animals do many different things.

First, the animals traverse the farm and burn all of the tools and machinery that the humans used to control the animals. The animals wish to rid the farm of all instruments which illustrate the power of mankind over animals. Second, the animals go into Mr. Jones' farmhouse and decided to lock the door and make it into a museum.

Another thing which happens after chasing the humans from the farm is the animals change the name of the farm from "Manor Farm" to "Animal Farm." Lastly, Snowball decides to create a list of rules by which the animals will live by. These rules are known by the Seven Commandments. (Eventually, the rules are changed to be only one rule given some of the animals are unable to read and do not have great memories. The final rule is "Four legs good, two legs bad." This change to the rules comes in chapter three.)

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