In "Great Expectations", when and how do Pip's feelings about life change?

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Pip's feeling about himself and life change when he discovers Magwitch is his benefactor. All this time, he had believed Miss Havisham was supplying him with money so he could eventually marry Estella. At first Pip is devastated. He had become a vain, proud man extremely conscious of people's social standing and education. To discover that a poorly educated convict has been the sources of supplying his "expectations" is quite a blow to Pip. However, once he gets to know Magwitch and discovers in injustices done to the man, he realizes how grateful he should be. After all, Magwitch is risking his life just to see Pip, a boy he met only once and for years he has been sending every bit of extra money he has to Pip. Pip realizes social standing and education are not nearly as important as a good heart--something he should have realized years ago after his relationship with Joe.

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