In Silas Marner, when had he sought comfort before from this same source?

Expert Answers
M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Silas Marner had always sought comfort from the same source: His loom. When he weaves he is able to concentrate in one thing instead of letting his thoughts and emotions go astray. When he lived in Lantern Yard, he was engaged to a woman, best friends with a man, and a church-going and good neighbor. When his best friend falsely accused him of stealing, took his fiancee away from him, and stained his name all through Lantern Yard, Silas had no choice but to leave town and start over in his ancient profession of weaving. He turned to weaving both for subsistence and for emotional balance doing something he is completely familiar with.

Now, weaving had been in his family for generations. This is not only his job but, like the story says "his vocation". When one has a vocation one immediately connects with the duties that it requires with love and patience, and we make them part of our life. In not so many words, when one invests time in a vocation, rather than a job, the job becomes your pleasure, and your comfort zone.