When a gun is fired the bullet accelerates while traveling along the barrel of the gun. it takes 0.001s for a bullet to travel the length of the barrel. The acceleration of the bullet is 200000 m/s. how fast is the bullet when it leaves the gun?

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Since a time interval is given we know this is the average acceleration. The formula for the average acceleration is

`a=(Delta v)/(Delta t)=(v_f-v_i)/(Delta t)`

Solve for the final velocity


`a*Delta t=v_f-v_i`

`a*Delta t+v_i=v_f`

Now plug in all the values to solve for the final velocity.

`(200,000)(m/s^2)*(0.001) (m/s)+0 (m/s)=v_f`

`v_f = 200 (m/s)`

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