When Grete goes into Gregor's room, where is the first place she heads?

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In the story, “Metamorphosis” by Franz Kafka, Grete comes to Gregor’s room twice a day to take care of his meals. Although she deeply cares about her brother, it is a challenging situation for her and thus, she runs to the window for relief.

When she first enters the room, Gregor is often startled or even scared by her entrances. However, she does this because she cares about Gregor’s well-being. When she comes into the room, Gregor would try to hide under the couch to make her feel less afraid of him. Despite these attempts, the process was still very challenging for her.

As a result, she would run to the window and leave the door open behind her. Although Gregor is often isolated and secluded from his family, the door remains open because she is in a rush to get to the window. As the story describes:

As soon as she entered, she ran straight to the window, without taking the time to shut the door (in spite of the fact that she was otherwise very considerate in sparing anyone the sight of Gregor’s room), and yanked the window open with eager hands, as if she was almost suffocating, and remained for a while by the window breathing deeply, even when it was still so cold.

Consequently, Grete continues to care for Gregor, despite his transformation. However, it is very challenging for her, especially considering that she is a young girl. Regardless, she continues to come into his room to care for her brother.

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