When the Giver's daughter released herself, did it effect the Community in The Giver?

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When the Giver's daughter Rosemary was released, it was a "disaster" for the Community.  All the memories that she had received up to that time, good and bad, were transferred to them.  Rosemary had only five weeks of memories, most of which were good, but "there were those few terrible memories, the ones that had overwhelmed her" that overwhelmed the Community once she was gone.  The Community was faced with a myriad of feelings which they had never experienced before.  For awhile, chaos ensued, and it took a long time for the Community to get back to normal.  The Giver himself, devastated at the loss of his daughter, did not even try to help them through those traumatic times, making their recovery even more difficult.

The Giver had not given Rosemary the memories of physical pain, but he did give her a sense of loneliness and loss, such as those feelings suffered by a child taken from its parents.  He also had transferred to her the anguish of poverty, hunger, and terror, and these were enough to bring the Community to its knees for quite some time.  Jonas, however, has been training with the Giver for much longer than Rosemary ever had, and he has experienced a much wider variety of unhappy memories, including physical pain.  If something should happen to Jonas, the ramifications for the Community would be even greater than they were when Rosemary was released (Chapter18).

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