When George learns of Curly's wife's death what does he do in Of Mice and Men?

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When George realizes that Curley's wife is dead, he feels that the others must be told what has happened so that they do not think he has had any part in the death, but only after he goes in the bunkhouse and pretends that he does not know anything.

Earlier in the novella, George has instructed Lennie that if he should get into trouble Lennie must hide in the clearing where they camped the night before going to work at the ranch. So, after Candy tells the men about Curley's wife's death, they pursue Lennie and make George accompany them. But, George lags behind the other men in their search for Lennie and finds him hiding in the brush at the edge of the stream.

The child-man asks George if he is not going to scold him, and George tells him despondently that "it don't make no difference." Soon, Lennie asks George to recite their parable of the dream. As he does so, George hears the other men approaching; quickly, he tells Lennie to remove his hat. George raises the muzzle of the gun, puts it close to the back of Lennie's head, and fires. As Lennie's falls forward and dies, George hastily throws the gun away. When the other men enter the area, Slim comes to George and tells him, "Never you mind....A guy got to sometimes." George lets himself be helped up, agreeing to accompany Slim to get a drink.