In The Great Gatsby, when Gatsby spoke to Jordan in his library in chapter 3, he had devised a plan involving Nick. What was it?

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The plan that Gatsby has devised is one that will put him so much closer to the goal of all of his dreams: to be reunited with his Daisy once more. He has discovered that Nick, apart from being his neighbour, is also Daisy's cousin, and so he believes that this is something he can use to arrange a secret meeting between Nick's cousin, the object of his affections, and himself.

Gatsby, however, is a cautious man. Having observed the link that there is between Jordan and Nick, he decides to try and get her to do his dirty work for him rather than approach Nick directly. He presumably feels that such matters are left to the more subtle approach that women can adopt, and as he knows so little about Nick, Jordan will be able to work out whether he will be amenable to being used in this way.

The revelation of this plan comes in Chapter Four, which you might like to read for yourself to think about how Nick responds to this and what his opinion of Gatsby is as a result. Ultimately, however, Gatsby is successful in pursuing his goal through this means, and Nick does organise a meeting between these two characters.


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