When Gatsby and Daisy meet in Nick's home, what does Gatsby almost break in The Great Gatsby?

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The moment in which you are describing is when Jay Gatsby, later identified as Jay Gatz,  almost breaks an antique clock in the home of the narrator Nick Carraway.  This is the first scene that we see Gatsby in a most vulnerable state.  He is extremely nervous and his usual calm cool exterior is shattered in the presence of Daisy, the woman that has been his obsession for the past 5 years.

At this point, Gatsby has planned to reunite with Daisy; an act that fulfills his desire for her to finally see the success that he has created out of his life. The meeting place is Nick's home which is...

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When Gatsby meets Daisy he ends up almost knocking over the clock in Nick's house. With this simple thing we see a small break in Gatsby's free going, calm exterior. For the first time we see Gatsby nervous and actually reacting towards something. With the falling of the clock it leaves room for so many interpretations to the reader. It could mean that perhaps time has stopped for the two and they're stuck back when they were lover birds or it could mean that Gatsby's time is up.

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