When is forensics used?



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Forensics is used, generally, in criminal and civil lawsuits. Forensics or forensic science is the collection, preservation and analysis of evidence. The information so obtained is then used in a court of law. A variety of scientific methods are used in forensics. These include photography, fingerprinting, chromatography, microbiology, toxicology, psychology, chemistry, etc. Forensic experts commonly analyze fingerprints, blood samples, hair, skin, DNA samples, bodily fluids, etc. With modern developments, digital forensics (the collection and analysis of digital information) is playing a crucial role in the field of forensics. A common example of the use of forensics would be in regards to a murder case. Forensics would help us in determining who was killed, how was he/she was killed, the time of death and also possible causes of death, etc. 

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