In Lord of the Flies, what promise does Simon make to Ralph when they are on the far side of the island?

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In Lord of the Flies, "the Beast" pervades the boys' thoughts and directs the plot of the story at tis point. It seems the only way to resolve the issues surrounding this beast is to explore the remaining areas where the beast might be.  

Ralph leads the bigger boys in a search and Piggy stays behind to look after the "little'uns."  Jack, always keen to hunt, is delighted that Ralph is happy, on this occassion, to follow him, having "escaped responsibility for a time"and Jack gets to lead them in search of the beast. Ralph is still required to take the lead as they apparently get closer to where the beast might be. Jack joins him as "Couldn't let you do it on your own."

Ralph is angered by Jack and the boys who are distracted by the thought that "We can roll rocks" and at the beginning of chapter 7, Ralph has an opportunity to reflect of his appearance, their situation and "with a little fall of the heart" he accepts that "these were the conditions he took as normal now."

Simon recognizes Ralph's contemplative stare and maybe the helplessness he feels as Ralph feels "condemned" and Simon tries to reassure him - "You'll get back to where you came from." Ralph is sarcastic  - "Got a ship in your pocket?" - but thankful for Simon's show of support as they "suddenly smiled at each other."


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