When Elizabeth started playing the game in The Egypt Game, whom did she become?

Expert Answers
dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When Elizabeth started playing the Egypt Game, she became the queen, Neferbeth.

When Elizabeth had first moved into the neighborhood, the original Egypt girls, and April especially, had not wanted to ask her to join in their game. Once they got to know her, however, April and Melanie both agreed that Elizabeth would be a perfect fit, especially since her profile resembled that of the famous Egyptian queen, Nefertiti. April had gotten a bust of the ancient queen at the Professor's antique store, and that single item had been the original inspiration for the Egypt Game. The girls had set up a shrine with the bust as its focus, and their subsequent role-playing developed from that.

Elizabeth, who is a tiny Asian girl, resembled, when looked at from the side, the bust of Nefertiti in April and Melanie's minds. Her curly ponytail, tightly bound,

"pulled her hair back away from her face and neck; and there was certainly something about her delicate, slender-necked profile that was very like the statue of Nefertiti."

Using a creative combination of her own name, Elizabeth, and the queen's, Nefertiti, the girls called Elizabeth "Neferbeth" in the game. With April and Melanie playing the role of priestesses, and Marshal playing the king, Elizabeth was the perfect addition as the queen modeled after the famed Nefertiti.