When Elie realized that he and his father were going to be burned, what plan did he devise in Night?

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I think you are referring to the moment in Buna when both father and son are in the infirmary and they decide to evacuate.  Eliezer and his father are in the infirmary, both extremely sick. The news is that the Russians are coming to liberate the camp.  The perception is that the Nazis will execute all of those in the infirmary before the Russians arrive.  With this in mind, both father and son decide to evacuate the camp.  In the end, the wrong decision was made for those in the infirmary were let out.  Eliezer and his father represent how difficult it was to make choices that would benefit individuals because of the complete inversion of logic in the situation.  It almost seemed as if luck was more of a driving force in survival than anything else.

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