When will Twilight come out on DVD?

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dbrooks22 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There has not been a set date for Twilight to come out on DVD. There are rumors that it will be around February 14, but that date has not been set officially. There are other sites that say the estimated time for the DVD will be sometime in March. But, if you want the actual date, you are probably going to have to wait about another month or so for an official date to be set.

ashland | Student

feb 15

sechtem | Student

Somewhere around March 21 Is waht i heard!

taangerine | Student

Twilight came out of DvD on March 21st in the year of 2009. 

zumba96 | Student

Twilight came out on March 21st, 2009 but you can also find it online at amazon or you could find it in your store for less since it has been a while since these came out, most likely it would be easy to find it in the stores for cheaper. 

It came out on march 21st 2009   it was 17.oo dollars at walmart but they might raise it soon so i would get it asap

Saturday March 21, 2009

futuremrscullen | Student

It will come out on march 21. Iff i was you i would get there early so its not sold out :-)

twilight032109 | Student

Twilight will be coming out on DVD March 21st 2009!  I'am super exited!!!

cas96 | Student

i herd its coming out on march 21st AND NEW MOON ON NOVEMBER 20TH!!!

bekkygirl1 | Student

I have been told that Twilight will be released on DVD in late February. This was from a reliable source.

renesmee | Student

on Stephanie Meyer's website she posted that its going to be out on March 21.

the rumors for feb dvd coming out are fake.

amandadongraham | Student

March 21st!  I'm counting down!

hmfan113 | Student

twilight will come to dvd and blu ray in february or march 2009

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