When does Summer take action against bullies in Wonder?

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In R. J. Palacio's Wonder, Summer is not a girl who will tolerate bullies. In fact, on the first day of school, she approaches August, who is sitting all alone at lunch, and sits down beside him. When another girl walks over and asks Summer why she sitting there, and pretty much orders her to come back to their regular table, Summer merely remarks that it is too crowded and invites the girl to sit with them. Summer has made her decision to be friends with August already, and she will not back down.

Summer also continues to insist that she is friends with August because she likes him, not because anyone asked her to be friends. She will not play the “game” the other kids play, pretending that August has the “Plague” and therefore not touching him. In fact, she tells the kids they are being dumb.

On Halloween, Summer is excited when Savanna asks her to the Halloween party, but she soon finds out when she gets there that the kids only want to taunt her about her friendship with August and tell her that, to be accepted with the popular crowd, she must get rid of him. Summer holds her ground and then calls her mother to come and get her. She smartly removes herself from a bullying situation.

Actually, Summer won't even let August bully her when he accuses her of only being friends with him because the principal asked her to. She insists that such isn't true, and she makes August promise that he won't ever be mean to her like that again.

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