When does Scout show courage?When does Scout seem courageous?

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Courage is shown thoroughly  in the novel to kill a mocking bird.

Paragraph 1:
T: Physical Courage

-          Boo Radley Fixing Jem’s pants.

-          Scout stepping up to confront the mob.

-          Boo saving Scout and Jem from Mr Ewell

-          Atticus kills the dog

E: “going after em’”  ‘malevolent phantom’  ‘lynch mob’ ‘[bringing]  ‘em to their senses’ ‘shut up in the house’ ‘his shy ways’

T: Mental Courage

-          Mr Dubose not using pain killers, and dying

-          Scout resisting to fight

-          Jem not bragging to everyone about Atticus being the best gun man in Maycomb

E: ‘[Mrs Dubose] [is] the bravest person he had ever [known]’. “Mrs. Dubose [being] morphine addict” ‘Negros’ "[try’s] fight with [her] head for a change" ‘she dropped [her] fists and walked away’ ‘[reckons] if he'd wanted [them] to know it, he'da told [them]’

T: Moral Courage

-          Atticus Defending Tom Robinson

-          Atticus letting Calpurnia discipline his children

-          When Bob Ewell Spits in Atticus’s Face

E: ‘displaying his point of view’ ‘same in his house as he is on the public street’ ‘[Calpurnia] tried to bring them up according to her lights, and Cal's lights are pretty good’‘parent’ "No, too old.". "too proud to fight

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When she stood infront of the mob who was trying to hurt Tom Robinson when he was in the Maycomb jail. She normally discussed Walter's behavior and compliment on his actions in school and his visit for dinner in her house.