What is the realization of the possible fates set in for the Jews of Sighet?I'm looking for the answer between pages 33 - 45

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clane eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The realization of the fate of the Jews was different for them all. For Elie, he realized his fate as he felt the heat rising from the inferno that was the crematorium. He believed for several minutes of his march into the first concentration camp that he was walking into his own fiery death. He even began to recite Kaddish for himself (the Jewish prayer said for the dead). He says on page 34, "There I was face-to-face with the Angel of Death. . ."It was at this time that his father and possibly others who rode in the very same cattle car realized their fate as well and also realized that Mrs. Schachter was rightabout the flames! From here they spent days in the camp getting used to the meager portions of food and learning the fate of the others. Yehiel weeps over his own imminent death on page 36 as he realizes that they are all "on the threshold of death". On pages 38-39 they arrive in Auschwitz and are told by the SS that they must work or die, that is what their fate has been reduced to. By page 42 Elie lost his name, he and the others know that they are being reduced to fates far worse than animals bear. By the close of the chapter Elie and his father have become different people. They have lost their home, their family, their friends, their dignity. Some have lost their faith and others have already lost their lives and their journeys have just begun inside the walls of the camps.