When does Phileas Fogg first meet Jean Passepartout in Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne?no

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Phileas Fogg first meets Jean Passepartout in the very first chapter of Around the World in Eighty Days.  Vernes writes that the year is 1872.  Passepartout had arrived at Phileas' fashionable home on Savile Row in London in order to apply for the recently opened post of valet for Mr. Fogg. 

Phileas Fogg just happens to be an extremely demanding employer, wishing nothing save the promptest, most precise service possible.  Passpartout feels that he is just the man for the job; his vast job experience (singer, acrobat, circus-rider, dancer, fireman) reveals that he can withstand high stress employment.  Fogg hires Passpartout, and goes out for the night, leaving his new valet to appreciate the quiet tranquility of his new position.