When does it make sense to focus on consumers such as retail stores, distributors, or buyers, rather than on the end consumer?

pranav2008 | Student

In traditional marketing the products move from the company to consumer in a establsihed marketing channel. The traditional marketing channel consists of wholesales, distributors, retailers and finally the end cosnumer. For example when a customer enters into a departmental store, the customer depends on the suggestion of sales executive or customer support executive in the store and get influenced by the advices of the departmetnal store staff. The final customer even with enough knowledge depends on the retailer in purchase decision making. Most of the people exepcially when purchasing electronic products depend on the support staff in selecting a product. These retailers get motivated by the wholesalers in promoting a particular brnad. The distributors get motivated by manufacturers with discounts and high trade margins etc. The word of mouth communication can be enehanced for a particular product if the wholesalers, retailers are motivated. Then automatically these mediators promote the product to the final customer. 


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