When does Dexter first encounter Judy Jones in F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Winter Dreams"?

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Dexter, a very ambitious 14 year-old, much like Fitzgerald's James Gatz who becomes Jay Gatsby, works diligently as a caddy to fulfill his dream of one day becoming rich and famous. However, he abruptly decides to quit his job when he meets Judy Jones, the daughter or a wealthy golfer/club member. Judy, a spoiled 11-year-old girl, wants Dexter to caddy for him and when she spots him on the golf course, she summons him by yelling,

" 'Boy!' " several times.

Dexter is stunned at first because he cannot believe that a girl who was in "bloomers" the year before would address him in such a condescending manner.  When his boss tries to make him caddy for her, he quits his job.