When do spouses get children in the book The Giver?  

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In Jonas's highly structured community, which is founded on the concept of Sameness, the Committee of Elders plans marriages and requires each couple to fill out an application before receiving a new-child. Before a married couple can apply for a new-child, the Committee of Elders monitors them for three years before accepting their application. The Committee of Elders makes sure the couples are compatible and able to appropriately raise a child before granting them permission. In Jonas's community, married couples are prohibited from procreating, which is left to the community's Birthmothers. Birthmothers are specifically selected women whose Assignment is to give birth to three children before they become Laborers. The Birthmothers then give their children to the community's Nurturers, who raise each child for one year. During the annual ceremony, married couples then receive their pre-approved new-child in front of their community members. Overall, spouses have to wait three years to receive a new-child, which is given to them during the December Ceremony.

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In Lois Lowery's novel "The Giver" everything is planned ahead of time and there are specific rituals to follow for everything.  There were women who were assigned a job of birth-mothers  For three years these women gave birth to three new-children.  When the new-children were born they were taken to the nurturers.  Jonah's father was a nurture of new-children.  When these babies, (new-children) turned one year old they were given to a couple who had been pre-approved to be a family unit.  The two spouses got their children at a ceremony when the child turned one-year old.  Each family unit was permitted two children and no more.

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