When do Max and Kevin meet Loretta Lee in Freak the Mighty?  

Expert Answers
lordcou eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Max and Kevin meet Loretta Lee in Chapter 11, titled “The Damsel of Distress,” in Freak the Mighty.

In the previous chapters, while on one of their quests, Max and Kevin spot what Max refers to as “junk” and Freak refers to as “fabulous wealth” (60). They eventually fish this item up with a kite string and it through to find that it is a purse. While there is no money inside of the purse, they do find an identification card with Loretta Lee’s name on it. Freak says, “I’ll bet you anything she’s a damsel in distress” (62).

After finding the purse, Max and Kevin debate a bit whether or not to go and return it to her, and eventually they do. When they knock on her door, all they hear is cursing, and both Max and Freak feel very uncomfortable. On page 65, Loretta Lee opens the door and says, “Iggy, come here and tell me is the circus in town or what?”

She is obviously referring to both Max’s and Freak’s physical appearances. To say the least, Max and Freak end up regretting this quest.