In Middlesex, when do Lina and Jimmy get married?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jimmy and Lina get married at some point before Lefty and Desdemona make the move to America to start their new life together. The reader is told that Lina's homosexual tendencies necessitated her swift removal from her home, especially when she was caught with a mother in the community. Lina's father therefore wrote to America offering a dowry to the man who would marry his daughter. Jimmy Zizmo was the man who responded, distinguishing himself by his negotiating skills:

In a series of letters to Sourmelina's father, Zizmo had negotiated the amount of the dowry in the formal langauge of a barrister, even going so far as to demand a band check before the wedding day.

As is made clear, Jimmy only really cares about money, and is happy to receive a bride like Lina, even though she is clearly not interested in him romantically. The marriage of Lina and Jimmy is another example, though not as extreme, of marriages that should not occur in the novel. Lina's homosexuality means that her marriage to Jimmy is a sham and a facade. This of course offers an interesting comparison to Lefty and Desdemona's marriage, which is definitely not a sham in terms of their love for each other, but has other more disturbing drawbacks because of their incest.

joannareed | Student

A former inhabitant of Bithynios, Lina was married off to Zizmo after she was noticed in an inappropriate relationship with a married woman.