When do I get my diploma?I"m a freshman but did not receive a diploma indicating that I have passed the 9th grade.

Expert Answers
mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the United States, one does not receive a diploma until one has completed the twelfth grade.  However, you should have received grades for your coursework this year.  If you have made a D or better in your courses and are in the public school system, then you have passed and can move to the 10th grade. 

In some states there is a competency test which is administered to tenth graders. (Students may retake this high school graduation example several times if they do not pass on the first attempt.)  A student must, then, have passed the required exams and coursework by the twelfth grade before being issued a high school diploma.

stormoceans | Student

The only notification that you will probably receive indicating you have completed the 9th grade, would be your end of the year Report Card.  Some schools mail yearly Report Cards, and others require a parent/guardian to come to the school to receive it.  You should call your school to find out how they deal with report cards.  In fact, it is probably best if your parent/guardian calls.  One of the reasons that many schools require a parent/guardian to pick up the report card at school, is because too many students were checking the mail and either destroying or changing grades if they had not passed. Generally, if you receive a D or better for the year in a class, then you have passed that class and earned a credit for it.  However, there are some states that require students to pass specific math classes with a C or better.  Since the laws and rules are different from on state to another, it would be best if spoke to a guidance counselor to be sure of your school's requirements.