When discussing Wordsworth theory of poetry, what are the major matters that should be mentioned?

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This is fairly wide in terms of scope.  There can be many different approaches taken.  In my mind, I am not sure one gets very far in the discussion of Wordsworthian poetry without referencing the social and political movement of Romanticism with which Wordsworth so passionately identified.  I think that the full effect and impact of Wordsworth's poetry is seen when discussing it in the light of Romanticism.  This is because Wordsworth sought to make a social statement from personal experiences.  When Wordsworth sees a field of flowers, or hears the song of a woman in the field, or discusses a love of nature, he is doing so on a personally explicative level.  However, the extolling of the subjective and primacy he places on this level of experience has social implications in so far as Romanticism was a statement against the conformist Neoclassical society that preceded it.  A stronger appreciation of Wordsworth's poetry emerges when one recognizes that his lauding of Romanticism is done to construct a social and artistic setting of what should be as opposed to what is.  It is in this realm that Wordsworth's writing acquires a social or political dimension and not merely just an artistic one.

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