When is disciplinary action necessary in the workplace?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Disciplining of employees is one of the most important and most difficult components of ensuring an effective workplace.  Disciplinary action of an employee is needed and warranted when an employee demonstrates a "failure to follow the organization's rules, standards, or policies."  It is important and necessary for a variety of reasons.  On one hand, workplace rules and standards are created for a reason.  The organization believes in these ideals and if the employee does not adhere to them, consequences in the form of discipline must be raised so that the behavior can desist and other employees recognize the importance of maintaining boundaries.  Disciplinary action against employees might also be important to ensure that compliance with these practices and policies is something that is understood to all.  Disciplinary action has evolved in the modern workplace to also encompass providing incentives and recognizing workers that highlight and embody professional adherence to policies and practices.  It is an uncomfortable element, but disciplinary action is an important part of ensuring that the channels of communication between management and workers are clear and devoid of being unaware of an organization's expectations.

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