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Actually, “The Lady or the Tiger” is a short story written by Frank R. Stockton in 1882. It was first published in a magazine called The Century. “The Lady or the Tiger” is a very popular short story that appears in many textbooks and is taught by lots of English teachers because of its unresolved ending.  Not knowing which door the Princess signals to her lover to choose allows readers to analyze the story and look for context clues to form an opinion on the Princess’ final decision.   Clues like the Princess is a barbarian could lead a reader to think that she would rather have her lover die than to let him marry a beautiful woman. However, because she is a Princess, she has power, and many readers might infer that she would somehow get rid of the beautiful woman allowing her to marry her lover.  Whatever a reader thinks, the story opens itself up to many arguments on what the Princess decides to do in the end of the story. Using the story as a teaching tool allows teachers to encourage critical thinking skills in their students.


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