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When did the Sepoy Rebellion happen?

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The Sepoy Rebellion (also known as the Sepoy Mutiny) began in 1857.  The main action of the rebellion took place in that year.  However, the rebellion was not fully contained until the next year.  The Sepoy Rebellion had its roots in Indian resentment of British rule.  The Indians did not like being ruled by foreign people.  This resentment deepened as the British showed a lack of sensitivity to Indian cultural practices.  There were British attempts to ban certain religious practices, like sati, that seemed barbaric to the British.  Finally, there was the introduction of the Lee-Enfield Rifle, which fired cartridges that had to be bitten by the person firing.  The cartridges were greased with beef and pork fat, making them offensive to both Hindus and Muslims.  This was a catalyst for the Indian grievances and led to the rebellion.  The rebellion started on May 10, 1857.

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