When did the second Industrial Revolution occur? I need to know when and why the 2nd Industrial Revolution occurred.

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1870-1914  is the time period generally credited with being the Second Industrial Revolution.  In the latter part of the 19th century there were many "pathbreaking" inventions. New technology extended into the daily lives of people.  With such companies as General Motors, Ford, and U.S. Steel emerging, production was a second factor in the second Industrial Revolution.  After this technology began to extend to methods of production.  The telegram system expanded with the telephone system, electrical power extended that of gas. the new material of steel effected more efficient production of materials, and advancements were made upon steel itself.

Fossil fuels and protroleum also came into prominence along with steel, boosting production for people without coal as did hydro-electric power.  With electricity, too, came speed, so for the first time form and function came together.  Electricity's enabling form and function to work simultaneously even affected other areas.

Certainly, the second Industrial Revolution introduced many more materials and methods for quick production.

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