When did the second Industrial Revolution occur?I need to know when and why the 2nd Industrial Revolution occurred.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

1870-1914  is the time period generally credited with being the Second Industrial Revolution.  In the latter part of the 19th century there were many "pathbreaking" inventions. New technology extended into the daily lives of people.  With such companies as General Motors, Ford, and U.S. Steel emerging, production was a second factor in the second Industrial Revolution.  After this technology began to extend to methods of production.  The telegram system expanded with the telephone system, electrical power extended that of gas. the new material of steel effected more efficient production of materials, and advancements were made upon steel itself.

Fossil fuels and protroleum also came into prominence along with steel, boosting production for people without coal as did hydro-electric power.  With electricity, too, came speed, so for the first time form and function came together.  Electricity's enabling form and function to work simultaneously even affected other areas.

Certainly, the second Industrial Revolution introduced many more materials and methods for quick production.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Industrial revolution refers to the rapid changes that took place in technology in eighteenth and first half of the nineteenth century. During this period many advances in technology took place. Of particular importance was development and use of steam engine. These developments led to rapid expansion of industries like textile, steel and railways. With the push given by the industrial revolution, the technological innovation and industrial expansion has continued at ever accelerating pace. In recognition of the continuation of the technological and industrial development at a rapid pace beyond the industrial revolution. some scholars describe the developments from mid nineteenth century to early twentieth century as second industrial revolution.

This period was marked by by development of chemical. electrical, petroleum and steel industry. The oil fired steam turbine and internal combustion engine driven steel ships,and aeroplanes were developed during this period. Also commercialization of automobile in first few decades of twentieth century played a very big role in industrial and technological development.

It is worthwhile noting that currently the world is undergoing a rapid and wide ranging change in field of industry and business as well as personal life using advances in information technology. These development starting from late twentieth century are sometimes described as information revolution.