In "Sarny: A Life Remembered," when did the main character stop hating white people?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Chapter 5, when Sarny and Lucy are observing soldiers preparing for an impending battle, Lucy comments,

"They're all white, ain't they?  I hope they all kill each other.  Wouldn't bother me if every damn one of them died".

Sarny thinks,

"...there was a time, knowing only Waller...I would have been with her but I shook my head.  'They're all white but all whites ain't bad'".

It is at this point that Sarny first verbalizes that she no longer hates all white people, but the there is actually evidence that she does not really collectively hate people because of their race earlier in the book.  In Chapter 2, in reading lists of the war dead in the newspaper, she says about the casualties on both sides, "might I hate them, every one was still some mother's child and I felt bad for the mothers".  It is true that she harbors an enormous enmity for Waller all her life because he sold away her children, but her hatred is directed at Waller as an individual for what he has done, not just because he is white.  And, in Chapter 6, when she and Lucy find Tyler II hiding on the ravaged plantation, she has no problem taking him with her, observing, "he's needing help and it don't much matter what color he is".

heyheywhatcanisay | Student

they stopped when sarney met miss laura. miss laura was a kind and helpful lady and sarny realized that not all whites are bad

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