When did russia get conquered by the Mongolds,and when did it end?by when did it end i mean when did their reign in russia end.who ended it

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First off, Russia wasn't conquered by the Mongols for there was no such thing as a "Russia" during that time, (I should know, Я русский - I am Russian). That time had the age of the Kievan Rus (Киевская Русь), a single large land mass that wasn't really a truly controlled land mass, but rather it was a bunch of seperate controlled areas (or principalities) that where run by Princes that formed around a river called Kiev in 882 CE. The strongest of these was the Muscovite Principality.

The "Mongols" in this area, better to be called by their own sectors seing as which there were four seperate groups in the Mongolian Empire, where known as the Tatars or by their cheesy name the "Golden Horde". It was around 1237 CE when the Tatars started to ransack and take over the principalities, and by 1240, Kievan Rus was fully controlled by the Mongols Khanate of the Tatars.

For a long period of time (1240 - approx. 1502) the land of Kievan Rus was controlled by the Golden Horde....Until one man decided enough is enough, that man was Ivan III or better known as Ivan the Great. It was because of Ivan III that a unified state that would soon be called "Russia" was created. Rmemeber how I said the Kievan Rus was split between themselves? Ivan contacted and rallied the other principalities together and finally formed a gigantic unified state. After that, he married the Byzantine emperors niece meaning that Russia and the Byzantines where new found and strong companions. Then, after having Italian architects build a magnificent Catherdal in Moscow, he proclaimed Russia to be the "Third Roman Empire". While Ivan the Great did unify and create Russia, he did not get rid of the Golden Horde, that would belong to his Grandson, Ivan IV, or more popularly called by his "Terrible" name, Ivan the Terrible. After Ivan IV proclaimed he was the first царь (tsar meaning emperor), he lead a large military campain to wipe out the Mongols from the Russian land, and soon would take over much of the land of the Golden Horde in 1580 CE. Thus ending the reign over the Golden Horde. It wouldn't be fully conquered until Catherine the Great annexed it in on April 8, 1783

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Ima just tell you the later stuff.The man who frred the Russians.

Ivan III, grandfather to Ivan the Terrible, is the Russian leader most often associated with the defeat of the Mongols. Duke of Muscovy, Ivan III consolidated control over areas of modern Ukraine, Belarus, and Russia, forming a solid front against what has become known as the "Mongol Yoke." Through mostly political maneuvering, he weakened the political control of Mongol officials, and the Russian noble families who had come to depend on them for titles and authority. Later, Ivan the Terrible would consolidate Russian gains against the Mongols with major military victories at Kazan and at Astrakhan. 

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Note: Forgive me for the spelling errors. T_T

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