When did obesity start? Where? Who discovered obesity? How was obesity discovered?

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Obesity is a word used in common language to mean the quality of being excessively fat. But in medicine it is also considered a medical disorder as a condition in which body fat increases to such an extent it can cause some obesity related diseases and shorten the life span.

Obesity has been recognized as a health disorders for more than 2500 years. Sushrut, a surgeon who lived in India in sixth century B.C., recognized obesity as a cause of diabetes and heart disorders. Greek physician, Hippocrates (460 B.C.-360 B.C.) described obesity as a disease itself as a harbinger of other diseases.

Because of the poverty and shortage of food for common people throughout the recorded history, obesity has always been a disease associated with the rich and wealthy. However, in twenty-first century, increasing prosperity and things like junk food has made it quite common among ordinary people also.