When did Johnny die in The Outsiders?  

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How Johnny dies, very in depth:

Before I get into detail about when he died, I'll explain how he dies. Johnny Cade is teenage boy that has a burden against his family. He hates his parents for they don't care about him. They kick him out of the house and he usually sleeps in the vacant parking lot. He gets his love from his friends or the other gang members in the so call gang the greasers [By the way the author doesn't capilize the G in greasers]. One day when Ponyboy was hanging out with Johnny looking into the stars Pony fell asleep later to be woken up by Johnny. Ponyboy's parents die in a car accident when he was young. So Dally has to take care of him, but if other people finds out that Dally doesn't have the rights to take care of them they'll be sent to children homes, which makes Dally worry about calling the police or not to find Ponyboy. Ponyboy shows up very late, so Dally slaps him in the face. Pony runs away to Johnny and told him to walk in the park with him. Maybe he'll get his mind cooled off before you goes back home. Things that night didn't really go the way Pony wanted. A blue Mustang pulled up, and the same day, Johnny, Two-bit, and Pony was caught taking the Soc's girlfriend on a walk. The Socs in the blue Mustang was of course drunk, and they got off the car to start trouble. As they walked out Johnny noticed the ring on one of the Soc's hand and remembered that, that particular Socs was the one that knocked him out cold. They were drowning Ponyboy in the fountain, so Johnny took out his swish-blade and stabbed Bob in the back, the guy who beat him up last time. They decided to run for it to Dally who was sleeping in a party. Dally gave Johnny a gun, money, and a location to run away to. Dally later told the police that they went to Texas, so he mislead them on purpose. They were staying at an abandoned church and playing poker cards and reading, Gone By The Wind all day until Dally shows up. Dally picked them up to dinner but later when they came back the church was on fire while the children was playing inside. Johnny and Pony went for the rescue and Pony got fire on his back which Dally knocked up, while the roof collapsed on Johnny.

When did Johnny die:

Now I will talk about when Johnny dies. Johnny dies right after the rumble. When Dally and Ponyboy want to go and tell Johnny about their victory of the Socs, he was still alive. So they told him, and Johnny knew he wasn't going to stay long after. So he told Ponyboy to take his book, which he has written a note inside that Pony discover too late. The note says that show Dally sunsets so he will be more kind. Of course he wouldn't know that Dally would suicide because of him. Johnny replied to them, that's great. Finally the last word from Johnny was to Ponyboy. His last words was, "Stay Gold Ponyboy, Stay Gold." Stay gold means stay pure not like what Dally, is more like the opposite. He heard it from Ponyboy about the poem that Robert Frost made.

Short Answer:

Johnny dies right after Ponyboy and Dally tells him about winning the rumble. His last words was towards Ponyboy telling him to stay gold. [chapter 9] Dally felt so upset or depressed that the thing that he most cared for died, he suicides by pulling a gun in front of a police, which he had an unloaded gun. [chapter 10]

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Johnny dies at the end of Chapter 9. After the big rumble at the park,Dally grabs Ponyboy and they head to the hospital to tell Johnny that they had beat the Socs and won. Johnny tells Dally that fighting is useless and never accomplishes anything. Dally then tells Johnny all about how the papers are writing stories about how Johnny was a hero and how proud he is of him. Johnny finally gets what he always wanted, acceptance from Dally.

His last words are to Ponyboy. Johnny tells him to stay golden referring to a poem by Robert Frost that Ponyboy had recited to him when they were hiding in the church. Robert Frost is saying that nothing can stay the same forever in the poem. Johnny was telling Ponyboy to be himself and never change.

Johnny then just takes a last breath and peacefully dies with the two people that he loves and respects the most in the world by his side.

total-kinni | Student

at the end when the Socs lose to the Greasers in the rumble and then Ponyboy and Dally when to see johnny in the hospittle to tel him they one and the doctor told tem they could not see him cuz he waz on his death bed and then he finaly let them go see him cuz he was abot to die. then after they got there he died shortly after... then dally got shot and ponyboy think that dally wanted to die cause johnny died and he didnt want to live without johnny and decited to rob the store with a non loaded gun and the dumb a$$ cops shot him.

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Johnny died later in the book, after escaping half-dead from a flaming church, after saving children from it. He told Ponyboy to 'stay gold,' which is where the theme in the movie comes from. After Johnny's death, Dally loses it, knocking off a grocery store and pointing an empty gun at the cops who come after him. As a result, Dally is shot to death under a lamppost. He basically committed suicide, realizing the Johnny Cade was the only thing that he ever loved.

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Johnny dies at the end of chapter 9.After they won the rumble.

ponyboilover | Student

Near the end.

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