Across Five Aprils Questions and Answers
by Irene Hunt

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When did Irene Hunt die? I have gotten multiple answers, and I can't tell which is right.

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According to most sources, Irene Hunt (1907-2001), the author of Across Five Aprils, died on her 94th birthday in 2001. However, I have found several conflicting dates and locations. Most dates state her birthday (and date of death) as May 18; another source claimed it to be May 8 (which could be a typographical error). Yet another source, quoting her younger brother, Loren "Joe" Poe, claims that Hunt's birth records were altered to avoid mandatory retirement from the Illinois school system; he claims she was born on May 14, 1902, which would have made her 99 years old at the time of her death. Several sources claim she died in Champaign, Illinois; another source calls the location as Savoy, Illinois (a small town near Champaign), where she was living in a nursing home. After teaching in Illinois public schools and then at the University of South Dakota, she retired in 1969 to devote her life full-time to writing. She apparently lived in Florida for a while before her death.

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