When did the invasion of Normandy start?   no

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The Invasion of Normandy,France,  better known as D-Day began on June 6, 1944.  At this  time, soldiers from Canada, the United Kingdom and United States landed by air and by sea on the five  beaches of the Normandy coast. The first landings began at dawn.

These countries, worked together with military from Poland, Checoslovakia, New Zeland, Australia and Norway to set up a lodgement that would assist in the overturning of the Nazi party.

It is said that Normandy was the largest invasion in history, with over 130,000 troops from various countries. The planning of the invasion was strategic. In order to ensure a successful landing, it was important that the moon be full and the tide be high. Airmen needed the light from the full moon to navigate landmarks. The German army had put deadly obstacles in the waters surrounding the Normandy shore and without a high enough tide, seamen would not have been able to tread over them safely.

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