When did Helen Keller write The Story of My Life?

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Helen Keller's autobiographical work, The Story of My Life, was first published in 1903.  Helen Keller began writing the autobiography a year earlier.  At that time, 1902, Helen Keller was still a student at Radcliffe's College.  The book did not start out as an entire autobiographical novel.  Originally, Helen Keller wrote it in segments to be published in different issues of the Ladies Home Journal. She completed all of that work in 1902, but in 1903 Doubleday, Page & Co. published Helen Keller's work as a novel.  The novel was, and still is, very successful.  It has been adapted into both a Broadway play and a Hollywood film.  The Story of My Life is also not Helen Keller's only novel.  She wrote two other novels following the success of her autobiography.  Those novels are Midstream and My Later Life. 

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