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When did Alice Walker die?

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Alice Walker is not, in fact, dead at all! She was born in Eatonton, Georgia, in 1944, and she is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, which she won for her most famous novel, The Color Purple (1982). She also won the National Book Award for the same text. The Color Purple takes place in Georgia, and it is written in the epistolary form—all in letters, some to God and some to the main character's sister—telling the story of a black woman named Celie. Celie has endured unimaginable hardships and abuse at the hands of men who ought to have treated her with love, the man she thinks is her father (though he's actually her stepfather) and her husband, Albert. Her resilience and strength eventually empower her to embrace her sexuality (she is a lesbian), start a business, and live a fulfilled and satisfying life with her family. Walker has also written poems and short stories, and she is a social activist. She and her husband were actually the first interracial married couple to live in Mississippi.

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Alice Walker is still very much alive. The self-proclaimed feminist is best known for penning the novel "The Color Purple" which she won a Pulitzer Prize for in 1983. Since that time, Walker has gone on to publish several novels, poetry collections, and short stories. Her most recent works include "Devil's my Enemy" and "We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For".

In 2006, Walker was inducted into the California Hall of Fame by Governor Arnold Shwarzeneggar. In addition to writing, Alice Walker is a well known women's activist. This month, she traveled to Gaza with anti war group, Code Pink, to give aid to citizens there.


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reemabdulelah | Student

 she is still alive !!!

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She is still alive!

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