What types of problems does AIDS in Africa cause?

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When it comes to problems on account of AIDS in Africa, there are too many to mention in a post. So, I will have to be very selective.

First, AIDS has killed over 25 million people in Africa already. This has created 15 million orphaned children. Think of the social implications of this. These children have very little of anything. They have little hope and all see is poverty. What will happen to them as they get older? They have little education, little marketable skills, and little or no reinforcement from society. This is an enormous social issue.

Second, AIDS has taken a generation of people, in a sense. This means that the work force has diminished greatly. So, even from an economic point of view, there will be lingering problems for a long time. Also in view of all these deaths, many African nations are not able to build their business infrastructure to get out of poverty. This is a huge issue as well.

Third, there are still new cases of AIDS on a daily basis. So, the problem has not been solved yet. Some state that there are 7,400 new cases of AIDS daily even now.

These problems alone will handicap Africa for a long time.

joashy | Student

The deadly disease AIDS is widespread in Africa. The rates are alarming. Reports from the United Nations depict that the disease has had a lot of effects and consequences. This answer elaborates categorically the reasons behind this.

Firstly, AIDS attracts a lot of stigmatization and discrimination. Victims of the deadly disease are ousted and casted out of their society. Castigation is psychological and leads to frustration and eventually wears out on people leading to stress and even death.

Secondly, despite using Anti-retroviral drugs AIDS victim develop a weaker immune and body system. Hence, the victims suffer from easy fatigue and are to sustain themselves. This paves a way for the extensive poverty levels witnessed in rural Africa.

Lastly, increasing levels of AIDS patients serves as a wake up of call on the need to curb its spread. Governments and States in Africa need to come up with elaborate disease to curb the disease.

Failure to adapt to the above strategies is tantamount to ensuring its advancement in the diminished, starving and war-torn continent.

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