When did abortion start? In what year did it occur?

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Abortions started when women started conceiving.  As long as there have been women, there have been babies, and there have been abortions.  Even when laws forbid it, abortions occur; In the early 1970's a million abortions were performed in the US, even when many states had criminal laws against it.  In January, 1973, the Supreme Court struck down such a law from Texas, noting that antiabortion laws dated only from the late 1800's in the US.  After 1973, anyone for any reason could legally seek an abortion.

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An exact year of the first abortion may be difficult to determine. However, induced abortions have been linked to ancient times. Records of suggestions of ways to abort a pregnancy are traced back to the 2nd century. A number of methods, including the use of herbs, introduced instruments, and pressure on the abdomen, have been recorded.

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