When (date) and where (name of the theater, city, & country) did August Strindberg's The Father premiere?

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Strindberg, like Ibsen, was considered a problem in Scandinavian theatre because his later plays (his career breaks into two parts around 1882) engendered questions about sexuality and the role of women and men in society.  Unable to see these socially challenging plays produced in his home country of Sweden, he brought The Father to Berlin, Germany, in 1890, produced  probably at the Freie Buhne Theatre by Otto Brahm (my source is vague on this point), a theatre that made its reputation on the experimental (at the time) works of Ibsen, Hauptmann, and other modernists in exile, rather than the traditional repertory of the Deutsches Theater.  His first English translation of The Father was produced as late as 1927, in London.  It was almost 30 years later (1827) before Strindberg would be able to see a production in his home country.


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