When Daniel returns to the mountain in The Bronze Bow, why does he feel lonely?

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In Chapter 7, Daniel is injured by a Roman soldier and seeks solace in Joel's home. While Joel and Thacia care for Daniel, Joel begins reading stories about the courageous actions of Joshua, Phinehas, Saul, David, and Judas Maccabeus. The three take a vow to fight for Israel and "For God's Victory" (Speare 85). In Chapter 8, Daniel finally returns to the mountain where he is treated like a hero for a few days because of his exploits and narrow escape. After a few days, things go back to normal, and the men begin to ignore Daniel. Daniel begins to feel lonely on the mountain because he misses the bond and friendship that he shared with Joel and Malthace in the village. Joel and Malthace shared the same passion as Daniel. Daniel also continues to miss their discussions, as well as the compassion they showed him. Daniel longs for their bond and remembers the pact that they made. The men in Rosh's camp do not treat Daniel with compassion, nor do they share the same thoughts and feelings as him. The time spend with Joel and Malthace make a considerable impression on Daniel, and Daniel cannot wait to return to the village to see them.  

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