When Danforth hears that Elizabeth is pregnant, what does he allow in "The Crucible"?

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Danforth allows Elizabeth a stay of execution until her unborn baby is born.  She is set free from prison until the birth.  Unfortunately, the same does not apply to John Proctor, Elizabeth's husband and the child's father.  He is hanged along with Rebecca Nurse as the community watches.  Luckily for Elizabeth, in the time it takes to wait for the child to come into the world, the truth of the matter is recognized.  The whole silly mess of witch hunting in Salem is put to a stop, and consequently, Elizabeth and her baby survive. Ironically, Abigail has escaped the matter and without John Proctor--the whole reason she began the accusations in the first place.  Abigail targets Elizabeth hoping she would be moved out of the way and Abby and John could live happily ever after.

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