When Dally arrives at the church, what news does he bring?

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When Dally arrives at the church to check on Johnny and Ponyboy, he brings with him news of all the events that have transpired since the two boys left town. The first news he has is a letter for Ponyboy from his brother Sodapop. This letter tells of how Darry and Soda are both worried, and says how Soda wishes both Ponyboy and Johnny would "come back and turn your selfves in" (Hinton 82). Dally also brings news that ever since the death of Bob, the Socs and the greasers have been “having all-out-war-fare all over the city” (Hinton 83), and that things have gotten so bad that greasers “can’t walk alone at all” (Hinton 83). He even goes on to tell the two boys that he now carries an unloaded gun for protection, and to use as a bluff, in case he gets jumped. It is after this, that he shares with the two that the greasers “are havin’ it out with the Socs tomorrow night at the vacant lot” (Hinton 83), and if the greasers win the Socs will “stay outa our territory but good” (Hinton 84). Finally, Dally has one last piece of news for the two boys. This occurs at the end of Chapter 5, when he tells Johnny and Ponyboy that Bob’s girlfriend, Cherry, a Soc girl who they met prior to Bob’s death at The Dingo drive-in, is working as a spy for the greasers.

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